Registeration Finished:Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. is hiring!! Save the date! April 20 & 25, company introduction session.

Registeration Finished:Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. is hiring!! Save the date! April 20 & 25, company introduction session.」への申し込みには、ログインが必要です。


  • 種別
  • 対象
    All engineering backgrounds
  • 使用する言語
  • 会場
    Available both Online & in-person at our Tokyo office* For those attending in-person, we'll have a short office tour
  • 開催日時
    April 20th (Wed) 16:00-18:30, April 25th (Mon) 16:00-18:30 *Japan standard time
  • 申込期限
    April 20th, 13:00

We want to invite more international students to join us and having company intro session on April!

Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. (KKE) has started as a university venture company for structural design, which pioneered the use of digital computers in the industry. Extending their experience and knowledge with IT and engineering, today, it simulates natural phenomena, develops telecommunications software, provides CAD/CAE software for the manufacturing industry, and supports decision-making through consulting.

■開催内容 Company introduction session (first step of our recruitment process)

■開催目的 A total two hours session of who we are, what we do, our vision and who we are looking for. Details for further recruitment steps will be given here as well. We ask candidates to attend full time, otherwise you will not be eligible to apply for further steps. The session is available both online and in-person.
For those living in Kanto-area, we recommend joining the session in-person since we think this can be an opportunity for you to find out more about the people and place where you might work in the future. This will be your chance to meet our Chairman (whom you will normally only meet at the final interview), and we will also have a short tour of the company after the session.

■留学生に期待すること/Purpose of hiring

KKE has officially been welcoming overseas member since 2014. We are looking for people who sympathize with our philosophy and share the same business interests. The purpose of inviting oversea students and international students is that we believe having talented people with experience of different cultures and systems will help to stimulate the organization and develop new businesses.

There are four fields opened for the engineering consulting position. Please note that below are general descriptions for each position.

1. Engineering Consultant in Construction/Disaster Preparedness Field
– Acquiring a wide range of knowledge for building construction and disaster preparedness
– Figuring the client’s needs through meetings
– Solving the client’s problem by providing structural design service and/or analytical service
– Handling and supporting the project to ensure high achievements

2. Engineering Consultant in Manufacturing Field
– Acquire a wide range of knowledge on Manufacturing
– Communicate with the partner companies
– Figure the client’s needs through meetings
– Solve the client’s problem by offering products and consultation
– Handle and support projects to ensure high achievements

3. Engineering Consultant in Decision-Making Support Field
– Acquire a wide range of knowledge of society, business, and community
– Figure the client’s needs through meetings
– Solve the client’s problem by utilizing simulation and other analytic technology
– Control or support project to ensure high achievement

4. Engineering Consultant in Information/Telecommunication Field
– Acquire a wide range of knowledge in IT
– Figure the client’s needs through meetings
– Solve the client’s problem by providing IT system
– Handle and support projects to ensure high achievements

■応募から選考フローまで/Selection Flow

How to apply: Make an account from Mypage to book events (https://kke.snar.jp/entry.aspx?entryid=c89df001-2c1c-4a78-bfbf-0d46bf077839)
Company introduction session / Non selection process →
Application for screening / Selection process →
Presentation by the Engineers / Non selection process →
Interactive dialogue / Selection process →
Meet the Engineer / Non selection process →
Group exercise, CV screening by the Engineer / Selection process →
Meeting with HR personnel / Non selection process →
Final interview in TOKYO / Selection process, in person only

・Those who can join the company from either December 2022 or April 2023
・All engineering backgrounds can apply
・Master, Doctor Degree preferred
・English: Business level
・Japanese: Not required upon applying, Howeverm please note that within 18months after accepting our job offer, you are required to study Japanese (at your country or/and in Tokyo) and pass Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 Level.

■ Feedback on the company information session
“The session was very informative. Personally, I found it very important to understand the company’s working culture and its values. I also appreciate the tour to different departments.”
“I’ve gained an understanding of how KKE applies elegant management, particularly with regard to its employees.”
“It made me know more about the vision of the company and also the life when working in KKE.”
“Since there are a lot of businesses in KKE, the KKE’s business presentation part can help me to know better about the company and what kind of the department I should apply.”

※日本語能力試験N1, N2を合格されている方、また同等の日本語力を保有されている方は、この英語選考ルートへ参加できません。下の日本語選考ルートで応募してください。


For more inquiry, please email at recruitment@kke.co.jp



  • 会社名
    Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc.
  • 業種
    Engineering Consulting
  • 事業内容
    1. Construction/Disaster Preparedness Field
    Buildings and infrastructure that can withstand disasters are critical to achieving safe and secure communities that will bring us towards a better future. By leveraging base isolation / vibration damping design, modeling, simulation, and other such engineering technologies, we provide the right services for improving the value of municipal performances.
    Example of services: Structural design, seismic diagnosis, reinforcement design/Tsunami, flood, ground motion analysis/Disaster risk and business continuity assessments/BIM system

    2. Manufacturing Field
    Along with better efficiency and speed, the manufacturing industry is also looking for better quality. Meeting these needs means meeting the needs of everyone in the supply chain, including business partners and subcontractors. We leverage our information management and simulation technologies to comprehensively support the design, manufacturing, distribution, sales, quality, and management operations that surround products.
    Example of services: Structural analysis, thermal flow, granular, and electromagnetic field analysis/Contactless strain and displacement measurement service/CPQ configurators and solutions/Supply chain APS system

    3. Decision-Making Support Field
    The world increasingly needs to make better decisions and build consensus through an engineering-based approach, one that involves analyzing and making sense of the complexity and uncertainty of human decision-making and behavior. By leveraging state-of-the-art modeling and simulation technologies, we provide the engineering expertise to create services for companies and society.
    Example of services: Marketing consulting/Risk analysis/Social simulation/Scheduling/Optimization Simulation

    4. Information/Telecommunication Field
    Society is undergoing great change as evidenced by the rise of smart factories, smart cities, and the forward march of telecommunications technologies. Taking advantage of the system development and communications control technologies that we have developed over our long history allows us to provide comprehensive support for our customers' business.
    Example of services: Network simulation/Radio propagation simulations/Data analysis and anomaly detection solutions/ Real time object detection using images of moving objects
  • 資本金
    1,010 Mil JPY
  • 売上高
    13,631 Mil JPY (FYE June 2021)
  • 従業員数
    611 (※As of September 8, 2021)
  • 本社
    4-38-13 Hon-cho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
  • 設立
  • 事業所
    Tokyo, Kumamoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka
  • 勤務地
    Japan: Tokyo or Kumamoto
  • 給与
    We take a merit-based pay system. Your base pay consists of rank and score that is determined by the rank system, and your age. Examples are as below.

    Master’s degree (Monthly pay, Without dependents)
    ◆ TOTAL* 239,750JPY
    ◇ Base pay: Sub-total 201,250JPY
    -Rank: J1 145,000JPY
    -Score: Assessment 3 9,000JPY
    -Age (at the start of fiscal year): 23yrs old 47,250JPY
    ◇ Allowance: Subtotal 38,500JPY

    Doctor Degree (Monthly pay, Without dependents)
    ◆ TOTAL 245,000JPY
    ◇ Base pay: Sub-total 206,500JPY
    -Rank: J1 145,000JPY
    -Score: Assessment 3 9,000JPY
    -Age (at the start of fiscal year): 26yrs old 52,500JPY
    ◇ Allowance: Subtotal 38,500JPY
  • 賞与
    Semi-Annual Bonus depends on company and individual performance. Commonly 100,000JPY in 1st year. Thereafter, an equivalent to 2 months’ salary is basically assured.
  • 勤務時間
    9:00-18:00 hrs. (Core time: 9:00-16:00 hrs.)
  • 休日
    Saturdays, Sundays, Japanese National Holidays (15days), New year Holidays, Paid Holidays - 10 days* plus 5 days Summer Vacation
    Special Leave (paid): Marriage, Demise of relative, Parental leave, Menstrual leave, Lay judge, Continuous service, etc.
    *You can use maximum 3days (22.5hrs/year) as time-paid vacations.
  • 福利厚生
    Housing subsidies 600,000JPY/max. per yr.
    - Incentive for employee's savings scheme 100,000JPY/max. per yr.
    - Desktop or laptop PC lending system
    - Mobile phone or Tablet lending system
    - Health insurance
    - Health Check-up
    - Retirement allowance
    - Coupon of various services of the companies in alliance
    - Meal voucher
    - Recreation Facility
    - Sports and Recreation Facilities and Support
    - Incentive for Employee Stock Ownership Plan
  • 担当コンサルタント : 松井
Registeration Finished:Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. is hiring!! Save the date! April 20 & 25, company introduction session.」への申し込みには、ログインが必要です。
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